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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Preparing for a Visit To Santa Fe

Coming to Santa Fe is the chance to enter a High Desert Climate. It surrounds you with the stark beauty of mountains, mesas and desert vistas. The sky is the biggest canvas in view filled with ever changing colors. Everyone knows that Denver is the Mile High City but did you know that Santa Fe is even higher. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, Santa Fe is high enough that we would like to advise you on some tips to prepare for your visit.

This elevation can affect your breathing and some precautions are needed, especially in the summer time, to avoid any altitude sickness. As you move from sea level to a higher altitude the air pressure decreases and your ability to easily take in oxygen is reduced. Because it is harder to get oxygen to your lungs, you compensate by increasing your breathing rate, depth and heart rate. Until you acclimate you may find that what you can easily do at home is more difficult at altitude. Another thing that can cause discomfort is due to the lower humidity and increased breathing rate at higher altitudes, you may become dehydrated and not realize it. This can cause headache, mild dizziness, nausea. The best precautions are to be aware of your pace and take it easy. Also it is important to drink water before you feel thirsty to avoid any dehydration.

A good thing to know is that there are a few Oxygen Bars in Santa Fe and in Taos. You can stop in and take a deep breath of fresh Oxygen to help you keep up your pace as you visit the galleries, hike the trails and enjoy the delicious foods of Santa Fe.

We look forward to seeing you at our Oasis in the High Desert, the Don Gaspar Inn is surrounded by beautiful shaded and cooling gardens.

Luna Oxygen Bar & Healing Center

The Don Gaspar Inn, The Casa Blanca Inn, and Blue Lake Ranch are members of Inns of the Southwest. Please visit our websites for monthly specials.

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