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Friday, May 7, 2010

Cougar Field Adventures

Thrill seeking guests of the Don Gaspar Inn will love experiencing Song of the Gavilan's Cougar Field Adventures. On an extraordinary three day adventure May 21st through May 23rd, there are unique opportunities to visit an exclusive ranch on the edge of the Black Range to participate in an ongoing field ecology study of cougars, mountain lions, puma, panthers, and catamounts. The tour promises to provide unlimited possibilities to see and learn about a diverse selection of wildlife, and will give you a chance to learn about cougars and identify their tracking signs. Your participation in an ongoing research project will provide support to professional biologists, including radio-tracking collared mountain lions, collecting and recording data on prey caches, and downloading data from a remote camera array. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear lectures on mountain lion behavior, their role in the ecosystem, and their interaction with humans. A gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner will accompany your stay at the exclusive Ladder Ranch Lodge, near Hillsboro, New Mexico, which encompasses more than 250,000 acres of scenic wild-lands. 20% of proceeds generated for this adventure will directly support puma research. For more information call 843-442-3101 or reference The Don Gaspar Inn, The Casa Blanca Inn, and Blue Lake Ranch are members of Inns of the Southwest. Please visit our websites for monthly specials.