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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Santa Fe Opera 2009

Bravo! This season of the Santa Fe Opera is turning out to be very popular! The Don Gaspar Inn is full with our Opera lovers and the reviews are very good across the board. This week begins the popular run of a different opera each night and the real connoisseurs truly enjoy their fill of the event, ambiance and overall experience this week! With lectures prior to each evening and box dinners - the atomosphere is always electric with a combination of classic Operatic story and fresh discovery of meaning. The Santa Fe Opera house is truly an amazing piece of Architecture and Design which does beg to be enjoyed. If you have not must come and do go! The array of color, light and well as fashion is well worth the trip. Breakfast tends to linger during the shows begin after dark in the open air theatre...8:30 is curtain. Our guests meander in for breakfast around 9 am typically. They are full of the evening before...still realing from the deep visual, aesthetic and musical experience had the night before. Opera Season brings us some of the best that Santa Fe has to offer in summer. The height of style.