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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

French Toast with Chocolate Sauce

Planning breakfast always begins the day before...and the mind usually settles on the choice for the day an image coming into focus. Ana has it down...after years of perfecting the art of Santa Fe breakfasts at the Don Gaspar...her selections are savory, green chili filled, red chili flavored...or just plain Northern New Mexico home cooking good. We each have our own favorites...mine tend to vary from Traditional breakfast to tasty variations on a comfort theme. Today...I'm thinking French Toast with a warm cream cheese and chocolate sauce; the option of sour cream and homemade Blue Lake Ranch jam...with a touch of confectioners and fresh berries this morning... Oh...and of course thick sliced hickory smoked bacon, hot coffee and juice. If only I can get the guests away from Sara's homemade Orange Juice and Honey Granola...we'll see. It will be a beautiful day to take a bike ride in Santa Fe...or...of course paint. The light is stunning right now.