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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Don Gaspar Inn dressed in Fall Color

The leaves changed almost overnight at The Don Gaspar Inn. On Tuesday afternoon there was a perfect balance of light and color that played off of each other skillfully, shining a bright golden green that does not forebode Autumn, it announces it. The Inn seems to celebrate her position on the corner of Don Gaspar and Booth. She is 100 years old and looking marvelous...and has been serving in all her glory for almost 20 years now to invite guests to enjoy her all throught the year. She will be draped in snow soon, but THIS is her most amazing display...even rivalling her days of bloom in spring and early summer...when the fragrance of the flowers envelopes her! It is hard to choose her most glorious time - which is what makes her a perfect place to enjoy all year. Eventually, all foliage will take its turn but not first before the last of the warm air and brilliant sun of summer. Santa Fe is a splash of color in Autumn...don't miss it!

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