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Monday, September 7, 2009

Don Gaspar Guests receive Special Spa Perks at BODY!

A few blocks from the Don Gaspar Inn is a breath of fresh air called “Body”. With its organic cafĂ©, spa, yoga studio, book store, cooking classes and home and clothing boutique, one can find just about anything one needs for not only the body but the spirit as well. We consider it our Spa of Choice...and have joined with Body to arrange a generous menu of specials exlusive to our Guests. From the perimeter, Body,, boasts a natural vibe with its tonal boxy exterior and surprising pale orange and green horizontal stripes. Surrounded by tall glass windows, you get a feeling of openness, as you make your way to the front desk, a guide to the worlds that await you. To the right, fresh coffee or a bite to eat. To the left, cotton clothing and items of soft luxury for the home and the senses. After a quick browse or a study of style rack, a modest bookstore awaits. You may find a relaxing cd, perfect for a drive to the mountains that are all around you in the distance, or a book to enjoy after a world class spa treatment. Beyond the sliding doors leading the the spa waiting room...there is a feeling that everything in this room was intended for peace. A fountain with stone foundation, soft lighting, comfortable seating and flowers set for accent and fragrance. Just before entering your Spa Treatment - you may enjoy a glass of cool lemon infused water. You take a moment to breathe as if reminded of something you do quite naturally, with no regard to the brilliance of, well, the body. But that is what you get at Body, a chance to nourish yourself before returning to whatever awaits you in Santa Fe. Live music on a Friday evening. Dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. An art gallery opening. Or perhaps an evening in the cool breezes of the aspen filled Don Gaspar Inn gardens.

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