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Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's pouring, pouring, pouring rain today...and it's been raining for more than 10 minutes!
I was listening to Innkeeper Ana respond to a guests' inquiry as to whether we have 4 seasons in Santa Fe. She said yes...but she just as likely could have said..."actually - we have 5 if you add in the Monsoon season".
The Monsoon season has come early to us this in June - we enjoy the patter of big rain drops on the walkways and listen to the trees soak up the beautiful moisture!
I always laugh out loud when it rains! We take great care to be sure the gardens have plenty of water when it gets warm and dry...but it always seems to be the day of...or the day before a big storm that I say...oh...look - it's so hot...let's water the gardens well today! But, for the record...I ALWAYS ask everybody if it is going to rain. Of course...we all no...not today and start watering. Then the skies laugh and pour pour pour!! Santa Fe really is a City Different. It has a funny personality all it's own and it so loves teaching us the mysterious.
So, yes - we have 4 + seasons...none too hot, a delightful smattering of snow, amazing falls...and summers full of Hollyhocks, Elm, Roses and Iris's all around! And in rains nearly every afternoon. "Wait 10 minutes" and the weather will change.

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Earthlove. said...

That sounds so beautiful! I love the rain, especially in the summertime when its warm